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    Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd


    Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd., located in the Industrial Avenue of coal chemical industry park, Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan and an area of 200 mu, is a national high-tech enterprise. Jingjian paint is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd., with an annual coating production capacity of 30000 tons. After the completion of phase II project, it will reach a production capacity of 150000 tons. It is the strongest and largest coating manufacturing enterprise in central and Western China.

    As the earliest paint manufacturer in Northwest China, Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd. formerly known as Xi'an paint factory established in 1952. Since its establishment, the company has actively undertaken the scientific research, development and production of supporting coatings for national key construction projects, national defense military industry and aerospace industry& quot; Jingjian brand & quot; Aerospace special coatings have been successfully applied to Long March and Dongfeng series launch vehicles, man-made satellites, & quot; Shenzhou V& quot; Shenzhou VI& quot; Shenzhou VII & quot; Shenzhou series spaceships, space manned projects, & quot; Chang'e surrounds the moon & quot; Engineering, Beidou project and other aerospace vehicles have been awarded by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation for many times. It is the only award-winning unit of manned engineering in China's coating industry and has made glorious and proud contributions to China's aerospace industry in the forefront of the world!

    Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd. has a provincial enterprise technology center, 12 invention patents and nearly 40 professional technicians. With the goal of building the first brand of military coatings in China and the purpose of providing customers with the best quality products and first-class services, Jingjian paint will take the integration with Baota Mountain paint as an opportunity to expand the production scale, improve the management level, continuously improve the product and service quality, and constantly strive for a large-scale, professional and modern coating manufacturing enterprise!

    Industrial paint factory
    Total annual capacity150,000+ton
    Architectural Coating Factory
    Total annual capacity40,000+ton
    Powder coating factory
    Total annual capacity10,000+ton
    Waterborne paint factory
    Total annual capacity10,000+ton


    Industrial Avenue, coal chemical industry park, Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province

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    400-6698-777 / 029-84262423 / 029-84264837





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