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    Through an industry, develop a series of products, start a market, promote an industry, comply with the trend of the times and scientific and technological development, seize the development opportunities brought by technological changes, and realize the sustainable and steady development of the company. The economic construction paint has never stopped!
    The company has strong technical development force, and has gradually formed a multi-level technical development team with project technology development center and professional technology research center as the main body and a & ldquo; Technology chain & rdquo;. The company has more than 100 professional engineering and technical personnel, including more than 40 senior scientific research experts and intermediate engineering and technical personnel and 12 quality control personnel; The company has applied for 34 national technical patents, authorized 12 patents, participated in the formulation of 11 national and military standards, and successively undertaken more than 30 national, provincial and municipal key projects. At the same time, Jingjian paint attaches great importance to the development of high-tech products, always adheres to technological innovation as the core, and has successively developed a series of products with international advanced level from the perspective of improving production technology, filling some gaps in China's industry


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