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    Information | the theme month of "management improvement" of economic construction paint in Septembe

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    Information | economic construction paint September & ldquo; Management improvement & rdquo; The theme month was successfully held< br />

      On the morning of September 2, 2021, all the employees of Pucheng base of Xi'an economic construction paint Co., Ltd. lined up in the square in front of the office building to hold a & ldquo; Improve infrastructure and improve site management & rdquo; Monthly activities themed< br />

      At 7:30 a.m., with the attention of all employees and the solemn national anthem, the five-star red flag slowly rose, and then the factory flag of the economic construction company also fluttered in the wind. Every employee present looked at the five-star red flag and the flag of the established factory flying in the air, full of high respect for the motherland and the company< br />
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      After the flag raising ceremony, the company sends birthday wishes to the employees who celebrate their birthday in September. Wang Junqiang, chief executive officer, and Yang Feng, assistant general manager, respectively presented birthday cards and cake cards carefully prepared by the company to the employees for their birthday, so that the employees could fully feel the care and warmth from the big family of economic construction paint< br />

      & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zheng Longsheng, deputy general manager of the joint stock company, specially awarded the production transcendence award to the director of the paint factory and the director of the industrial paint factory, so as to encourage the manufacturer to make persistent efforts and create better achievements! Pucheng base, as the main residence of the company's product production, always takes business as the center and takes meeting market demand as the primary responsibility. In August, in order to solve the shortage of small packaging in the market, factory director Xue Yagan actively mobilized and led employees to work overtime to overcome difficulties, and finally achieved the excellent results of 414 tons of small packaging and 1624 tons of total monthly output, setting a new high of monthly output this year! Under the leadership of director Cao Yuxia, the industrial paint factory made concerted efforts and worked efficiently. It produced 57 batches of 86 tons a day, creating a record high output per day< br />
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      Everything flourishes in spring and grows in autumn& nbsp; On August 30, 2021, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company successfully achieved the & ldquo; Work safety license;, It marks the perfect conclusion of our phase I project! It also puts forward higher requirements for our next production work< br />

      Liu Wei, deputy general manager of the company, read out a speech with & ldquo; Improve infrastructure and improve site management & rdquo; For the monthly activity plan with the theme of & ldquo;, through the monthly theme activities, all employees of the base are required to establish a sense of team and responsibility, especially the middle and senior leaders should set an example and take & ldquo; Improve infrastructure and improve site management & rdquo; As the goal, we will practice basic management in our daily work and jointly build an efficient team with business as the center and results as the goal.

      & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; At the end of the activity, Li Gang, general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. First of all, I would like to send my best wishes to my colleagues who celebrate their birthday this month and express my heartfelt thanks to the employees of the production plant for their hard work in August! General manager Li Gang said that in the future, the company will take more refined and scientific production management as the core, improve work quality, improve work efficiency and stabilize product quality, so as to provide strong guarantee for the company's operation. *** Live up to the company's expectations of us< br />
    The theme month activity of "energy conservation and environmental protection" of economic construct Letter of responsibility for soil pollution prevention and control of Xi'an economic construction pa


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