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    The theme month activity of "energy conservation and environmental protection" of economic construct

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      At 7:30 a.m. on October 12, 2021, all the employees of Pucheng base of Xi'an economic construction paint Co., Ltd. lined up in the square in front of the office building to hold a & ldquo; Reduce waste, reduce loss, improve quality, save energy, reduce consumption and increase benefits & rdquo; Monthly theme activities with theme.

    The autumn scenery of China is beautiful in October, the great changes in September celebrate the birthday, and the whole country celebrates the national day just past. Today we hold a flag raising ceremony to jointly wish the motherland prosperity. With the attention of all the staff and the solemn national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly, and then the factory flag of the economic construction company also fluttered in the wind.

    A blessing, a sincerity. On this special day, the company sent birthday wishes to the employees who celebrated their birthday in October. Yang Feng, assistant general manager, and Zheng Longsheng, deputy general manager of the joint stock company, respectively issued birthday cards and cake cards carefully prepared by the company to the employees, so that the employees could fully feel the warmth of the big family of economic construction paint.

    Wang Junqiang, the chief executive officer of the company, is in September & ldquo; Management improvement & rdquo; In the theme month activity, the first winner of the office site of the production department and functional departments: the supply department and the quality management department presented awards. The reward result is not the end, but the starting point for the improvement of the company's management. Through the evaluation activities, we hope that other departments of the company can learn from the award-winning departments, practice the basic management in our daily work, and jointly build an efficient team with the goal of results.

    We often say that safety is no trivial matter and everything should be safe. In order to enhance employees' safety awareness, improve employees' safety skills and build a strong safety defense line for the development of the company. On September 14, the safety production department of the company organized the first & ldquo; Fire robot skill operation competition;, Through strict evaluation, the top three excellent teams are comprehensively evaluated, and the first is the resin factory; The second is the warehousing and logistics department; The third is the supply department. Liu Wei, deputy general manager of the company, will present awards to the winning departments. We hope that each of us can master fire-fighting skills and protect the safety of the company and ourselves!

    In order to implement the & ldquo; All staff and all post responsibility system & rdquo; According to the relevant requirements of the company, a special post chapter awarding ceremony is specially held. Wang Junqiang, chief executive officer of the company, Yang Feng, assistant general manager, Liu Wei, deputy general manager of the company, Zheng Longsheng, deputy general manager of the company, and Li Gang, general manager, respectively awarded seals to new employees, central control personnel, team leaders, safety officers, and safety supervisors. I hope you can strengthen process management, clarify the person in charge of the post, clarify the post responsibilities and fully implement & ldquo; Strong thinking, bright identity, responsibility and management & ldquo;, Improve the company's safety management level.

    Over the years, the joint stock company has always attached importance to the education of employees' children, and will carry out Student Award activities every autumn. Today, Ren Chongli, Secretary of the Party committee of the joint stock company, and Fei Guofu, deputy secretary of the joint stock company, specially award awards to the excellent college students and three good student families in Pucheng base.
    Then, manager Yang danglian of the work safety department shared his family education experience. Manager Yang said that this job is his first and last job. It is a great honor. As a representative of excellent students' families, I thank the company for inheriting this culture for many years and continuously stimulating the education of employees' families. Talking about the concept of family education, he said he should do a good job & ldquo; Three hearts & rdquo;, That is, children should have enough confidence, enough patience and maintain an ordinary heart. There are thousands of paths to success. I believe every child will find his own unique flash point. At the same time, I wish more colleagues to stand here next year and accept the honorary award of the company's golden autumn student aid.

    The theme activity in September was successfully completed, and then Liu Wei, deputy general manager of the company, read out the October & ldquo; Reduce waste, reduce loss, improve quality, save energy, reduce consumption and increase benefits & rdquo; The monthly theme activity plan hopes that through the theme Month activities, we can learn to cherish resources, save energy and reduce emissions, reduce solid waste, form a good habit of protecting the environment and saving energy, and jointly promote the green development of the company!

    Finally, Li Gang, the general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. He wished his colleagues who celebrated their birthday this month and the families who received financial aid. At the same time, he welcomed the new colleagues who joined the company this year and hoped that they would be happy and happy in the big family of economic construction! As the company's management work is on track, monthly theme activities and management meetings will be carried out normally in the future. Through various activities, our management work will be promoted and improved.

    October is a good harvest season. The whole staff work together to create a new high output for paint factories and industrial paint factories. This will be a severe challenge for us under the complex environment of fluctuating raw material prices, frequent stock outs, local power cuts and so on. This month & ldquo; Reduce waste, reduce loss, improve quality, save energy, reduce consumption and increase benefits & rdquo; The essence of theme activities is to strengthen our management and enhance the core competitiveness of products and enterprises. It is hoped that the team leaders who accept the armband today can play an exemplary and leading role in their daily work, lead the team members to refine our management and achieve better results. It is hoped that with your joint efforts, our business volume and brand influence can rise to a new stage< br />

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