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    The theme month activity of "fire protection publicity" of economic construction paint in November w

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    Autumn is dying and winter is coming. At 7:30 a.m. on November 3, 2021, with the national flag and factory flag rising slowly, Xi'an economic construction paint Co., Ltd. November & ldquo; Implement fire responsibility and prevent safety risks & rdquo; The theme month kicked off in front of the office building.

    Growth happens by chance, birthday comes on schedule, lucky to meet, fight side by side, live up to your youth, work hard, and the future can be expected. Executive Director Wang Junqiang and general manager Li Gang presented birthday cards and cake cards carefully prepared by the company to employees whose birthday was in November. On this special day, all employees of the company wish you a happy birthday. May you have light in your eyes and sun and moon in your heart, and grow together with the enterprise.

    In October, the company launched & ldquo; Reduce waste, reduce loss, improve quality, save energy, reduce consumption and increase benefits & rdquo; As the theme of the activity, all departments strictly implemented the requirements and achieved remarkable results in energy conservation, especially the packaging recycling of the production plant. In October, the production plant recycled 1386 empty barrels and saved 18059 yuan. Yang Feng, assistant general manager of the company, Liu Wei, deputy general manager and Li Gang, general manager of the company presented awards to water-based paint factories, paint factories and industrial paint factories that made positive contributions to energy conservation and consumption reduction in October, and fully affirmed and highly praised their efforts and achievements.
    Cao Yuxia, the director of the industrial paint factory, shared the award-winning experience with you at the meeting. Cao said that she was very excited to share her work experience with all the employees of the company for the first time since she entered Pucheng. She thanked all the employees of the industrial paint factory for their joint efforts and wisdom, as well as the platform and mechanism built by the company.

    At the meeting, director Cao shared & ldquo; It's not easy& ldquo; Cherish & rdquo; And & ldquo; Struggle & rdquo; Three key words. She said that in this year, we have experienced from scratch, integration and innovation, and the improvement of working and living conditions. We should cherish the current platform and our existing posts. Every problem and difficulty we encounter provides us with an opportunity to show ourselves. I hope everyone & ldquo; Family & rdquo; Constantly improve their professionalism, standardize their actions, carry out work with high quality and efficiency, and constantly create value, so as to make our company develop better and better, make the company become the source of happiness in our work and life, and work together to create a better miracle!

    With the arrival of the 30th national fire protection publicity month, the company actively responded to the call and carried out a series of fire protection Month activities. At the meeting, Liu Wei, the deputy general manager of the company, read out the & ldquo; Implement fire responsibility and prevent safety risks & rdquo; Monthly thematic activity plan for the theme. Hidden dangers can be prevented, and there is no rehearsal for life. He hopes that every employee present will actively participate in the monthly theme activities of fire protection, implement fire responsibility and prevent safety risks.

    Finally, Li Gang, general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. First of all, he gave his best wishes to his colleagues who celebrated their birthday this month and congratulated the departments that won the awards in October. He hoped that everyone would make persistent efforts, create good achievements forever, inherit the idea of energy conservation and consumption reduction forever, and reflect it in every link of his work. Autumn October is also a good harvest season. Both the joint stock company and the economic construction brand have completed the monthly sales task in advance, and the paint factory has also set a record monthly output. With everyone's efforts, the production capacity of the two brands has increased by 1.5 times, which is hard won< br />

    As a hazardous chemical enterprise, safety and fire protection are necessary professional qualities. We hope to improve our safety, fire awareness and escape skills through the fire month activity, so as to protect our own life safety and the company's property safety. I hope you will cherish the platform, cherish the present, and use our wisdom to constantly strive, innovate and create a happy and beautiful future< br />
    The theme month of economic construction paint in December was successfully held The theme month activity of "energy conservation and environmental protection" of economic construct


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