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    The theme month of economic construction paint in December was successfully held

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    The four seasons reincarnate, the years flow, and beautiful achievements precipitate in winter. Xi'an Jingjian paint Co., Ltd. & ldquo; Summarize plans, seize opportunities, make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, ride the wind and waves and meet challenges & rdquo; The December theme month activity with the theme of was held in front of the office building on December 2, 2021 as scheduled.

    We were born under the red flag and grew up in the spring breeze. When we look, we are all Chinese, with five stars shining and faith. Live up to youth, live up to youth and be valiant. The honor guard of economic construction made its debut at the flag raising ceremony, showing everyone the new atmosphere and style of the enterprise.

    Life needs a sense of ceremony. Every birthday is worth remembering. At this special moment, the company sends beautiful wishes and exquisite cake cards to the family members who celebrate their birthday this month, so that everyone & ldquo; Economic construction personnel & rdquo; Can feel the company's deep care and the collective warmth and happiness. Engrave a good time in the name of birthday, strive to be young, accompany with gratitude, let's learn from each other and grow up together.

    A hard work, a harvest, a responsibility and a responsibility will create brilliance and achieve the future. In the past November, facing the pressure of small package production, the paint factory overcame many difficulties and finally achieved the performance of 659 tons of small package output, 268 tons of inventory and 2279 tons of monthly output, setting a new record and winning the production excellence award in November. Li Gang, general manager of the company, gave awards to the paint factory and fully affirmed and highly praised their efforts and achievements& nbsp;

    Xue Yagan, director of the paint factory, shared three thanks at the meeting: & ldquo; I. thank the company for providing us with a platform for everyone to show themselves freely; Second, thank the company's leaders for sheltering everyone from the wind and rain, so that employees can work at ease and make continuous progress and promotion; Third, I would like to thank all the family members of the paint factory for not giving up, not complaining, not flinching back in the face of difficulties, bravely moving forward, and using their own practical actions to show the tenacity, hard work and enterprising spirit of pagoda mountain paint and economic construction personnel. The paint factory can set a new record for four consecutive months, which is the result of the efforts of all staff! Achievements belong to the past, and tomorrow is more challenging. In the future, we still have a long way to go. In the face of arduous tasks, let's work together and ride the wind and waves& rdquo;

    At the meeting, Xing Qi, deputy manager of the company's work safety department, spoke about November & ldquo; Fire fighting Publicity & rdquo; Summary of theme Month activities: according to the characteristics of prone and frequent fires in autumn and winter, in November, the company held four contents: Fire publicity, fire training, emergency escape drill and hidden danger investigation. In the investigation of hidden dangers, 25 problems were found, 16 were corrected immediately and 9 were rectified on schedule. As of November 23, all the rectification items on schedule had been rectified and verified one by one.

    Fire safety work has only a starting point and no end point. He said that as a chemical enterprise, anti-static production in winter is particularly important. Anyone entering the production plant must touch the electrostatic eliminator, wear anti-static clothes, work in hot work and confined space, and do a good job in safety control. It is hoped that everyone will continue to learn fire safety knowledge, enhance safety awareness, consolidate and maintain the company's good safety production atmosphere and safety production situation, so as to lay a foundation for the stability of safety production situation& nbsp;< br />

    In a hurry, everything seems to be yesterday. In the twinkling of an eye, 2021 has come to an end. At the meeting, Wang Junqiang, the chief executive officer of the company, read out the & ldquo; Summarize plans, seize opportunities, make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, ride the wind and waves and meet challenges & rdquo; The theme month activity plan in December with the theme of is to review the work of 2021, summarize experience and improve deficiencies. I hope you have responsibility on your shoulders, ideas in your hearts, plans in your hands and actions at your feet& nbsp;< br />

    Finally, Li Gang, general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. He said that although it was cold and windy outside, every family showed a good mental state, and every change in the source of innovation. For example, today's display of the new honor guard made our flag raising ceremony more solemn; For example, under the leadership of factory director Xue, all employees of the paint factory work together to alleviate the supply problem of small packaging market on the one hand, and constantly refresh the historical record. The achievements are hard won. Thank each employee for their efforts& nbsp;

    “ We have experienced various difficulties in 2021. We hope that all staff will earnestly implement the company's theme Month activities from bottom to top, comprehensively summarize the past, lay a solid foundation, find problems, formulate effective improvement measures, strictly implement them, and strengthen our core competitiveness& rdquo; Mr. Li finally encouraged everyone, & ldquo; This year, nearly 60% of our energetic and educated young colleagues have joined our team. Let's strengthen our faith and jointly shoulder the great banner of revitalizing national coatings& rdquo;< br />
    It's already the first one The theme month activity of "fire protection publicity" of economic construction paint in November w


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